jjeennnnyyyyyyyyyyyyy u sent this to my sideblog but i’m posting it here because i can

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please let me remake my gaycolyte and his dumb ponytail hair soon please let me do it

kokobu said: complete & total babe

can I gush a moment? yes? ok then- AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH I love seeing your art owru! the colors and the skills and the improvement! inspires me to go draw QwQ~<3

grabs u both by the shoulders and screams in ur faces no u guys are complete & total babes

KITKAT WHAT A PLEASANT THING TO WAKE UP TO i’m so glad i can cry (jk i already am) and i love seeing your art too please pleeease keep posting ok!! mutual inspiration……

Owl says:
*”At least she doesn’t have that fucking dreaded Miltank…” OH MY GOD WE TOTALLY SHOULD’VE GIVEN EM MILTANK LKDGJLSD

JD says:
*I CONSIDERED IT ESP CAUSE EM HAS A NICE RACK oh my reasonings are bad but i just
*decided against.. it…

Owl says:

OMG LOL I WANNA TRY DOING THIS NOW…..asdkjnadsd IS….. YOUR MUM…. PINAY…?! Cause I swear I can hear my mum’s voice saying ALL of that AHAHA;;;

DO IT IT’S REALLY JUST TONS OF FUN WHEN YOU SEE YOUR FRIENDS’ REACTIONS DKJDF. and my mother is very pinay… her accent is pretty great <:^)

Owl I fucking love your parents, my God I almost forgot these!!! (*whispers* THE SPONGE IS WET…)

my parents say things about our characters: masterpost

GUYS LOOK WAT I FOUND and i never really got around to posting these here like i promised heh

basically i’ve compiled a bunch of pictures of P[A] characters from different guilds/groups/whathaveyou and bother mum and dad until they commentate on them out of context! it’s a funny little game and the compilations are usually kinda big so there’s much to comment about..

the list will grow as much as P[A] does (at least i hope so, and presently i am missing groups here) but i hope the ridiculousness is enough for now?!?

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Aah, which server?

i’m obviously not on atm but i’ve been hanging out a lot in ygg lately, so just look around for a dinky archer named Bok Choy