chest bump CRITICAL HIT!

recently got around to maturing a certain bean


misc. a’lunh and rhai stuff, all from twitta I’M SORRY

what have i been up 2, u ask…. well…………..

p[a] 69min was an excellent idea unfortunately all i can contribute so far are these ridiculous minicomics

LAST ROUND OF COMMISSIONS thank you so much for your interest and for being the most patient people in the entire world ;;_;;;; i’m in awe

for ikontrol, elissinia, rinslette, tetetier, and ultrajacket!

hell o everyone i’m sorry for the inactivity (for like the millionth time) HERE ARE SOME DOODLES AS SEEN ON TWITTER

been doing a bunch of airbrush experiments between commissions

flower shop/boxing au is finally coming into fruition….. sorta :^)?!?