finished commissions!! PHEW sorry for the scribbles lately, these are what i was saving my energy for

characters belong to their respective owners, please don’t use these images without their permission

thank you guys for commissioning me and for being so patient!!! there’ll be an interlude before i can take any more again (๑`っ`๑)

revisiting some ro charas

select doodles from sketchbook

:,) o god

aaa long time no update
made playlists for hari and kors between commissions!!… heh!!!

claíomh solais, for the hero
01. learn me right - birdy, mumford & sons (brave OST) 02. dog days are over - florence+the machine 03. the games - patrick doyle (brave OST) 04. shake it out - florence+the machine 05.heaven knows - five for fighting 06. rise - yoko kanno (ghost in the shell OST) 007. immortal - thomas bergersen 08. you are my king - fate/zero OST

tuath dé, for the mischief
01. icarus - bastille 02. origami - capital cities 03. dogfight - M.O.V.E 04. witchcraft (instrumental) - pendulum 05. pompeii - bastille 06. thunder clatter - wild cub 07. red hands - walk off the earth 08. unbelievers - vampire weekend

i got nothin

happy ragnarok :,)….!!!