no ro art yet heheh slips and falls

petra is your local alien secretary (after the secretary bird which inspired her design) who somehow gets by on her own without much trouble. she is well versed with the english language though her native tongue consists of a series of clicks and hisses, and nobody ever knew what she meant when she was saying her own name so people call her petra instead. she is distressingly tall which makes fashion particularly difficult for her and doorways under 6’ in height are a complete nuisance. adaptation is something she excels at, though her extremely judgmental attitude keeps her from being approached often (among other things). though age does not necessarily mean anything to her considering her planet is quite distant from earth, the total amount of flesh folds which are found protruding from her head and backside is only a rough estimate of her age in earth years. those weird “feelers” on her head are extremely sensitive and are effective in differentiating heat from petra’s surroundings, which she uses to move around with efficiency; petra’s eyes, though excellent under light, are completely useless in the dark and the spectrum of colour she is able to pick up with them is limited. she has a very strict, neat-and-tidy nature and is most at peace when secluded and organizing (though to her dismay she still receives complaints and confrontations from clients that she pretty much has to listen to). petra is very snappy, though it has been proven that spicy foods calm her down. that hair is most likely a wig btw

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