recently got around to maturing a certain bean

mochiibun asked: I see you like my stuff and get so happy then go to look through your lovely art and get even happier you're amazing aaa ♡♡♡


thank you so much, i get really happy whenever you update with your cute art wtf wtf

laviee asked: Waaaah your art is so gr8 ;^; a+ would recommend


ohh NOOO thank you so much!! u are gr8!!

pigparade asked: oh man, i love your art.


aw jeez, i’m so glad!!! thank you!!


misc. a’lunh and rhai stuff, all from twitta I’M SORRY

what have i been up 2, u ask…. well…………..

goodknight2sday asked: i was going through notes on my commissioned art and i went to your blog. and then i cried, you art is pretty aah


there is only one person who should b crying here and that is ME because of your sweet message, thank you so much!!!!

p[a] 69min was an excellent idea unfortunately all i can contribute so far are these ridiculous minicomics