cross-posted from twitter again ft. baby purrmaids (an original species by lacha!!)

arubboth asked: always get so pumped when i see your art ilu a lot ;_;


woeiogosdg THANK YOUU..U so much you sweetheart, ilu2!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: I think your artwork is stunning! Keep up the good work!


thank you, anon…. you are stunning!!!

elissinia said: would you considering having a waitlist for people who want to commission you in the future???

i briefly considered setting up a waiting list before posting my commission info, but decided against it because i feel a little conflic..ted…. about keeping one… mostly because i wanna operate on a simple first-come-first-serve basis with these slots


finished commissions!! PHEW sorry for the scribbles lately, these are what i was saving my energy for

characters belong to their respective owners, please don’t use these images without their permission

thank you guys for commissioning me and for being so patient!!! there’ll be an interlude before i can take any more again (๑`っ`๑)

revisiting some ro charas

chiitsun asked: aaaah your art is really great!/// mind me asking what you sketch brush settings are??

aw thank you!!! and not at all, my current brush settings are snagged from nightingales with only a few slight tweaks:


and here are a couple more that i use since you can never have too many sketch brushes