Anonymous asked: do you still like Ragnarok Online? i love your characters and your art is just great.


i haven’t been playing much these days but ro is my Original Life Source i have no idea what i’d do without it!! that being said i’m glad you enjoy my characters because I ENJOY THEM TOO….. (  ˃̣̣̥᷄◞ᗜ◟˂̣̣̥᷅  )゚。

klowncar asked: ugh your art style is so great I love it /u//u


ARGHH thank you so much you’re great and i love U

pasta flowers get their own post dot dot dot…

still alive still alive

sugarsuites asked: your art is very cute!! OK have a good day!


turns into egg

aaeds asked: YOU'RE ALAUDAS. Why didn't I recognize this. STUPID AEDS. (omgggg yes ffxiv love you you're perf.)


AGHDF mmyes it is me hello!!!


chest bump CRITICAL HIT!