been doing a bunch of airbrush experiments between commissions

flower shop/boxing au is finally coming into fruition….. sorta :^)?!?

whiterosebrian asked: Hello! I saw a new picture from cyanparade on my dashboard. I decided that I would browse through notes, click on more-or-less random names, glance at blogs, and leave greetings. I hope that you're doing well.

ohh that’s very sweet of you! thank you for taking the time, i’m doing fairly well!!


crobat asked: Holy moly i didn't get to say this when I first followed you but your art is amazing! I'm shaking my head it's too pretty


THAANK YOU so much you’re too kind!! i’ll say the same thing with your art, i can’t wait to see more of it on my dash q_q


OMG NOO but i really wish i do dghds

more commss

for biangra, skyejuice, and sabrith!

doodles for international kissing day (which was yesterday hahahaha (face in hands))

aww cuute and that sweetspot thing is clever. it makes me want to do something like that

yes good do it for all of your ocs!!! every single one of them!!